Bringing back the groove to hairdressing

Pashed Hair is built on the foundation that you can be who ever you want! Our culture is based on making a difference in our industry, expressing the greatest desire to create good hair and ultimately be fabulous people. Pashed Hair is a space where our clients and stylists are truly supported in their creative vision.

Crazy Fabulous Stylists

At Pashed Hair, we’re not afraid to be who we are ARE. We’re proud to offer consistently excellent customer service in a super friendly, upbeat home made environment. We’re bold, we’re creative, and most importantly we have FUN. We love nothing more than working with our clients to achieve their HAIR DREAMS and have you walk out of our salon looking a million bucks!

From our Boss Lady

“Growing up I was always different, different in the way I dressed to the hobbies that I LOVED… Never really fitting the mould. So I made my own WOLFPACK… THAT’S where Passion Hair Beauty comes in and my FAB Passions team. When you meet us you will know what I mean! We are the odd bunch, but it works… everyone is one big family. So get on board… enjoy the ride… come and meet the team.”

– Amanda, Crazy Boss Lady, Pashed Hair xxx